The majority of the opinion is erroneous

because most people on the planet are stupid

What are our motives?

It's simple - We make a better world

People become influential not from successful politics, and not from foresight and wisdom.

The one thing that made everyone influential was the unquenchable desire to make the world better.

Influential people never give up this idea. They simply can't do otherwise.

It allows them to be unconquerable.

Who are we? What do we do?

CYB.CENTER is a worldwide supra state organization

The organization was founded in August 2016. The main courses are the cybernetic worldwide institution of power, lawmaking, mechanisms of legal implementation and justice.

We work in the cybernetic field, informatics, human migration, computer networks, the global Internet network and its successors.

CYB.CENTER is the founder of cybernetic justice and its derivatives. We create a system of laws and develop an apparatus of the legality implementation.

We initiated the creation, and now we play a crucial role in the educational project Dialog.Social.


Our work is to find and implement the simplest, the most beautiful, effective and reliable script for achieving the goal without losing the meaning along the way.

In February 2020, the organization entered in the public stage of its activities.


We’re the best at figuring out cybernetics, informatics, justice and finance

Our experience allows us to do what we do

We do not call anyone to overthrow the current constitutional regimes, but we consider that the form of civilization existence, based on state entities, was transitional and exhausted its possibilities.

We believe that the most effective model is based on industry of world institutions of power. Globalization is the next step in the human evolution.


We do not share the ideas of decentralized societies and unsecured money. On the ruins of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, such a model of society had already existed. We lived in such kind of society and we understand its essence well.

We're the best at figuring out cybernetics, informatics, justice and finance. Our experience allows us to do what we do.

In the open part of the site, information's submitted in a limited amount

Our judgment and results of laboratory research are intellectually valuable and are the intellectual property of the company. The company's intellectual property is available on a commercial basis as a part of the services in certain types of packages.

Most materials’ exclusive developments are a commercial secret and are available under individual agreements of a special character