Achievements of science are indifferent to good and evil

State lawmaking and justice are detached from objective reality and hopelessly behind modern technology

Machines are never wrong! Human error allows them to fail. The question is at what stage this error happens: at the stage of projecting the machine, its creation, implementation, exploitation or service? Every mistake has a first and last name. It can't be otherwise. ;)

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Traditional justice was relevant for primitive systems on scale of the separate cities of ancient empires

We founded a Cybernetic Justice

Cybernetic justice (from others-Greek. κυβερνητική "art of management", from the Latin. justitia "justice, legality", от jus "law") is a philosophy of justice and its derivatives: legality and legal implementation, which is based on imperatives principles of the input, storage, transformation, processing, transmission and output information in complex systems, whether technical, biological or social mechanisms.

Imperative regularities of cybernetic justice exist on irrespective subjects (individuals, legal entities or states) of their consciousnesses, positions, understandings and perceptions.

For the first time, the term "Cybernetic justice" was defined by the founder of the company Cyb.Center – Alexandr Vladimirovich Venzik in his work “Trends and Collisions in the Development of Civilization” in August 2016.



In the modern world, informatic, cybernetic, computer networks and the global Internet network, where the industry is based on the worldwide imperative laws, to perceive good and evil through the prism of the administrative boundaries of the political map is simply futile and absurd.
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