We propose a place in a civilized history

to attract investments with material character and, more importantly, intangible character

The future is closer than it may seem

Investing in the power of evolution

When some countries tried to hold the top of the innovation’s pinnacle, and others were looking for new forms of economics in conditions of digital technologies, and ruling clans agreed on the devisal spheres and regions of influences, civilization was ripe to fundamentally change the model of organizations and management.

We do not call anyone to overthrow the current constitutional regimes, but we consider that the civilization form of existence, based on state entities, was transitional and exhausted their possibilities. Practice civilization has proved that the most effective model is based on world-wide industry institutions’ power.

So, for example, organized football – states cannot put regulations on global institutions, controlling the power of those industries.

At the same time, we, under no circumstances, share the idea of a decentralized society and unsecured money.

Analog - Digital - Analog

States as a failed regulator

Obviously, any mechanical work performed by humans will be assigned to robotic systems. Absolutely everything that can be deprived from the embodiment physical will be turned into the program code of digital system.

The last half century is the main civilization activity.

No one single living creature is capable of perceiving and reproducing information in digital form. Do not exaggerate the role of digital technology in human life. Digital technologies can serve exclusively for the collection, processing, transformation, transmission and data storage. Input and output information is always carried out in analog form.


The interaction of the robotics systems, digital systems and humans is itself governed by cybernetic laws. These laws require a legal status and an effective regulator.

Scientific achievements are indifferent to good and evil. But a state lawmaking is hulking, does not see an objective reality and is hopelessly behind modern technology.


Some reputable Internet companies had already claimed that the statement about the intentions of the appeal to the state justice today is considered to be a crime. This leads to the partial deprivation of the rights and freedoms in the space under their control for the duration of relevance of the dispute.
States will be prohibited to interfere in affairs’ network Internet

The world economy is ready for new power forms

Currently, Internet community figures are forced to endure influence by states' authority for one reason: the activities of a decentralized global Internet network are completely dependent on the functioning of economic subjects controlled by states - an Internet service provider.

A detailed analysis of patent portfolio of Huawei Technologies company on 5G technology, the creation mechanism to Internet access “StarLink” from SpaceX company, the “OneWeb” mechanism from companies Airbus Group, Bharti Enterprises, Hughes Network Systems, Intelsat, Qualcomm Incorporated, The Coca-Cola Company, Totalplay, Grupo Salinas Company, Virgin Group, as well as the Russian project "Sphere", give all evidence to believe, that states formations will lose their possibilities to interfere on the affairs of the Internet network.

Obviously, the world economy is not satisfied with state regulation. Civilization is ready for new, more effective forms of organization and management.

Grand gift to posterity

We founded a cybernetic justice. Now we attract investments of material and non-material character into systems of cybernetic regularities and legal implementation mechanisms.

We have established a developmental strategy, tactics and scenarios to develop the realization of the projects for 30 years

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